Artistic digital SX-70 numerique travel photography



Artistic Digital Numerique photography and travel images, seen in a new Light, also infrared and a few SX-70  images. 


Welcome to a new digital vision of photography, these are mostly artistic digital numerique  images and a few Polaroid SX-70 images created for the joy and  satisfaction, that they produced in my life, and to help to give a sense of purpose to my being. There are many images available to view on the image server.  NOTHING ON THIS SITE IS FOR SALE     but can be acquired by donation NOT to me, see bottom of this page for more information. Enjoy your stay, and feel free to leave any comments or a request, in the space under each image. The images have been downsized for the web, but  there may be a larger file on the link found  just below the image. Thank You for visiting, and please come back again, there hopefully will always be more to see. This is a very first attempt at a web publishing, please  follow any link or image links to the  image server. The sample images should be rotated often.   

This site is an attempt to display the effects of the Numinous in my life, and the creativity that has been gifted to me through this wonderful new medium of digital photography. Being a retired/disabled commercial photographer,  that has been given a new vision of the world, and this new numeric/digital medium to express it, this has given me the feeling of what an artist must have felt like, when moving from a few pencils to a full palette of oils.  

Due to  my past, and given that I am still alive, I am so very grateful .  Being mostly recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body, much thanks goes to Canadian Medical Profession , The BC Cancer Foundation, the Vancouver Clinic,  and the medical staff, of the Vancouver General Hospital who have kept me alive medically, through many traumas ;  as well and being very involved in my own spiritual recovery, through the Recovery Fellowship,  and other quiet circles, I have "A Life".   What a marvel that is, for one who thought he would be gone at least a dozen years ago.  Wow, a bonus ! To find that becoming creative, in my passion  for this new life of  Recovery, Service, and Unity, that an artistic creativity in my photography that has also become alive, and a huge part of my being.  For all this, I am truly grateful.  I live with this certitude that my new life and this numinous art,  is all given, not on merit, but through surrender and Grace.  Another area of my being,  is this need to attempt to be responsible citizen in a rather irresponsible world, and by doing so finding that Service to others, is another avenue to Peace, and well worth the effort. Today the wonder of  living my  life, a day at a time, and the joy of creating art in my life, and art of my life, with the awesome assistance and direction of a Power greater than myself, brings much peace, mostly generated  through gratitude, and love and service to others, especially with my partner, of nearly two decades, and many others.

I  pray always to remember; that if God is my co-pilot, that I am sitting in the wrong seat, and then to have enough courage to get into action  and change seats.

The question always remains, "Is my desire for Truth, stronger than my desire for pleasure ?

You may have to REFRESH page for current images.  First Things First, Peace,    

I am willing to share my experience ,  Thank You,  Kenne A. MAIL


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